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  The Really True Emigration Story

by Heike Bretschneider

I've never seen a moose before

Summer 2011: In front of me sit around three hundred expectant faces, passengers of the cruise ship “MS Albatros” on their way to the land of the midnight sun. I am not sure whether they will like my talk about our emigration to Norway, whether I will manage to let them take part in the five most exciting years of my life. Will you be able to empathize with my disappointments, worries and defeats, but also the many small and large victories? Would I be able to paint pictures of this unique, fascinating Norwegian nature in their heads?

An hour and a half later, a crowd of enthusiastic clapping stands in front of me; some women quickly stuff their tear-soaked handkerchiefs into their trousers, while the men stealthily wipe the tears of laughter from the corner of their eyes. I don't know what is happening to me - but suddenly complete strangers hug me, pat me on the shoulder and ask me where they can buy this fantastic book. "Which book?" I ask blankly, still completely surprised and confused by the unexpectedly warm reactions from my guests. "Well, from which you have just read!" They look at me disappointed when I helplessly stretch out the three loose, not even stapled pages with bullet points ...

Four years later. The loose paper actually turned into a book! Accompany me on my very private, relentlessly honest and not entirely humor-free journey into my new life. With a husband, child, dog, two horses and the whole household to Norway. Can that even go well?

Book in A5 format, 284 pages.

32 pages of color photos.

Price: € 15.90

ISBN 9783000512889

" The world is a book. Those who never travel only see one page of it. "

Augustine Aurelius

Light and funny, at the same time profound and touching - this is how the Erzgebirge woman tells her emigration adventure. Warm and honest - absolutely recommendable!


Beate Kindt-Matuschek, editor of the Free Press

Super tolle BuchLesung. Von Gänsehaut über Tränen bis hin zu lachen alles dabei. Echt spitze gemacht Heike Bretschneider. Ein gelungener Abend


Die Buchlesung gestern Abend war spitze! Ein Besuch lohnt sich...und das Buch ist genial geschrieben, schon nach den ersten paar Seiten denkt man, das es von einem Bestsellerautor verfasst wurde....ich zieh den Hut vor Dir! Hast Du prima gemacht und ich würde mich freuen, wenn es irgendwann vielleicht eine Fortsetzung gibt :-)


Die Vorlesung gestern war ein super schöner Abend, Gänsehaut pur! Dein Buch ist natürlich der Hammer, einmal in den Händen kann man es nicht mehr weg legen...Suchtgefahr sage ich da nur!


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