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Holiday apartment "Drømmedalen"

Dalsbygdvegen 37

6320 Isfjorden


Phone: 0047 93814403

Many roads lead to Rome ... and at least as many to Isfjorden.

There are many criteria that must be considered and weighed up when choosing the means of transport.


How many people are you?

        If there are more than 3 people, traveling with your own car pays off in relation to the flight and rental car.


Do you want to make the trip as such an experience or do you want to travel by the shortest route?

* When arriving via Denmark / Sweden with several stops and overnight stays, you can of course see a lot more of


* How about a little cruise on the way to your destination? The ferry from Kiel to Oslo takes 20 hours to cross

everything a crusader heart desires.


How much time do you have?

         A very important point of thought if you want to go further north or south of Norway from here. Also to

Note: You have to plan at least one full day for your arrival and departure (more if you arrive by car than if you arrive by plane, logically)


Do you have to rely on a specific date or can you plan something flexibly?

        Both flight and ferry prices vary enormously! Often it doesn't just depend on the main season or holiday season, but you will find it

seemingly arbitrarily selected days with extremely low or high prices - examples below.


In my opinion, if you have your dog with you, you can only travel with your own vehicle.

         Entry requirements and recommendations for ferry crossings below.


The choice is huge - I'll go into the most important options in more detail.


* Flight from Germany to Oslo

- Continue by flight to Molde (Distance Airport Molde - Isfjorden about 1 hour)

- Onward journey by train from Oslo directly to Åndalsnes (train from Oslo to Andalsnes approx. 6 hours)

- Onward travel by rental car

* Arrival by car with Color Line (ferry Kiel-Oslo)

* Arrival by car via Denmark / Sweden


Arrival by flight to Oslo

Flug Dtl. allgemein

If you are planning to travel by plane, the first thing you should pay attention to is this airline:


Route: German Airport - Oslo Gardermoen

(in my examples I just take my FH - Berlin Schönefeld)


- In my experience there are the cheapest flights here. The prices vary enormously - you can go from Berlin Schönefeld to Oslo e.g. B. fly for 25 €, but also for 350 €. It is best to have the low price calendar displayed, see example below.

- Warning! Only 10 kg of hand luggage are included in these prices! Luggage (max. 20 kg) costs extra (at the moment I think 12 €).

- The booking is made with Visa or Mastercard. Basically, it is not recommended to travel to Norway with the "simple" Sparkassencard anyway, as this is not accepted everywhere (eg in petrol stations).

- Direct trains from the airport take you in all possible directions.

- Another possible airline is Scandinavia Airlines, or SAS for short .

This does not fly from Berlin Schönefeld, for example, but from Berlin Tegel. Usually the flights are a lot more expensive there, but you just have to look. The advantage of SAS is that, in contrast to Norwegian, the travel price already includes 23 kg of luggage, which can be worthwhile when traveling from Oslo to Molde.


- Another new flight option is the low-cost airline EasyJet.

The prices look surprisingly low at first - but be careful! The long ones when it comes to luggage. If I had booked a test booking, a case weighing 20 kg would have cost me an additional 23 €, doubling the flight price. But it is always worthwhile to simply run through a comparison booking.

Flug Molde

Onward journey by flight to Molde

- Oslo is always a stopover because there are no direct flights from Germany to Molde. So you always have to enter Berlin (or another university of applied sciences in Germany) - Molde for your search query. However, the domestic Norwegian flights are usually a lot more expensive than the flight from abroad to Norway (and vice versa).

- For a connecting flight to Molde, the luggage will also be charged twice!

- Flight time Oslo - Molde approx. 40 minutes.

- The runway of Moldensa airport is laid out like a long island protruding into the water and is one of the shortest runways in Norway. The landing approach is therefore extremely spectacular: you first fly over steep, partly snow-covered peaks and then apparently land in the fjord ...

- Car rental on site.

- Molde - Isfjorden takes around 45 minutes, including a ferry crossing Solsnes - Åfarnes (10 minutes crossing). The ferries leave every 20 minutes during the season (May-September), outside every 45 minutes. See also HERE .


Zug Oslo Andalsnes

Onward journey by train to Åndalsnes

The approximately 6-hour train ride is not the shortest journey to Isfjorden, but it is a very nice one. The train station is located directly below the arrival hall of the Oslo airport; you take the elevator one floor down and you are already at the railroad track. The trip leads along the Oslofjord via Lillehammer and Hamar to Trondheim. However, you have to get off in Dombås, as the connecting train to Åndalsnes is waiting here - the world-famous Raumabahn.

To book the train you have to go to this website:



- In principle, bookings are only possible 3 months before the current date.

- There are low-price tickets if you book as far in advance as possible (from € 29). A seat reservation is always included in the purchase!

- You can pay for online tickets with a Visa card or PayPal - it couldn't be easier.

- When processing the payment, you can click where you want to pick up the tickets - simply on the train. The conductor then comes and you just show him the confirmation email with the reference number on it, then he has the printed ticket ready. By the way, the Norwegian train attendants are the nicest on God's wide earth!


- If you intend to take the train from Oslo after your flight, you should know that the last train to Åndalsnes leaves at 16:29! This means that the plane has to land at 3:45 p.m. at the latest. Before the luggage is there, plan a bit of delay ... The alternative is the flight to Oslo, spend the night there and enjoy the Oslo nightlife and take the train the next morning rested.


- The train to Trondheim is shown (mostly platform 2 - there are only 2). You drive around 5 hours to Dombås, where the connecting train to Andalsnes is already waiting (there are only 2 tracks there too; you get off and on the Raumabahn next to it. You can't do anything wrong!)

- The Rauma train then goes to Åndalsnes - and here it is really worthwhile to look out the window all the time! Past the roaring Rauma River and jagged mountain peaks, in spring hundreds of waterfalls. You cross the famous Kylling stone bridge and drive through the Stavem reversing tunnel. You enter it from the east and come out again 300 meters further up in the opposite direction. This tunnel is unique in the world.

You pass the Troll Wall, the highest steep face in Europe.


- In the summer months the train journey is guided, which means that loudspeaker announcements are made in 3 languages ​​whenever you drive past sights. There the train also slows down its journey, which is why it takes half an hour longer in the main season.


- Even in winter, the journey by train is wonderful - the snowy mountains of Norway and the steaming fjords are a wonderful sight. However, the journey in the evening is rather ... dark.

To get from Åndalsnes to Isfjorden the easiest solution is a rental car. If you arrive by plane / train, a rental car is a must anyway; the most beautiful destinations cannot all be reached on foot ...

Onward journey by rental car


Regardless of whether you want to get to the holiday home from the airport in Oslo or Molde or the few kilometers from the Åndalsnes train station - if you don't have your own car, you can't avoid a rental car. In addition, you don't want to spend your valuable vacation days in the immediate vicinity of your apartment!


There is a rental car rental company in Åndalsnes, Avis Bilutleie. Here you get to the website:


Avis rental car Åndalsnes


Unfortunately, this is only in Norwegian. However, you can just as easily order a rental car from Germany and pick it up there; that should not be a problem. There are also rental cars at the airports in Molde and Oslo that can be booked from Germany. Simply google which rental car providers are represented at the respective airport and book online or directly with the provider in Germany - done.


The rental car rental in Åndalsnes is about 20 minutes' walk from the train station. If you arrive by train, you probably have some luggage with you, you certainly don't know your way around and after many hours on the road you no longer have the muse to spend a long time looking for the rental car you have ordered.

I could offer you to bring the rental car to the train station and pick you up there with the key (costs a bottle of Rotkäppchen champagne, semi-dry please).


It is ALWAYS recommended to return the rental car to the place where you picked it up. The providers are mostly represented nationwide, but according to my contact person here in Åndalsnes it costs a lot of fees to park the rental car elsewhere.


Arrival by car with the Color Line ferry

Kiel - Oslo


You don't treat yourself to anything else .....

Color Fantasy.gif

If you want to make the journey (or even home) a unique experience and want to reduce the travel time by car to a minimum, choose the car arrival and / or departure with the Color Line ferry from Kiel to Oslo (or vice versa) .


The mini cruise with the Color Magic or the Color Fantasy lasts 20 hours and is in no way inferior to a "real cruise ship" in terms of equipment, service and entertainment.

As with the flights and train journeys, the prices vary enormously. Depending on the vacation and weekend dates, the from-to range is huge. The size of the car, the type of cabin and the catering are also decisive. From a small breakfast to a luxury 3-course menu, everything can be booked. Just browse the website ...

Arriving with a dog

Anreise mit Hund

As already mentioned above, if I am taking one or more dogs with me, only arriving by car is an option. I would only expect the extreme conditions in the hold of an airplane and the associated strains on an animal in an absolute emergency.

Please note the following when entering Norway (I am copying the legal situation from another website.

Source: Norwegian Embassy, as of 2016.)

Entry with dog.PNG

When arriving by car, you cannot avoid one or the other ferry - unless you choose the longest route:

From Denmark to Sweden over the almost 8 km long Øresund Bridge. This is subject to a toll (between 45 and 55 € / one way), but a great experience. On the Swedish side there are great sandy beaches where you can stop.

There is a lot of information about Öresund HERE

Directions to the apartment


For several years there has been discussion in the municipality about assigning unique street names and house numbers. Now finally I have a street name and a house number since December 2018!


Dalsbygdvegen 37. Nevertheless, a description of how to get there may be useful, as it always takes some time for the GPS and navigation system to accept new data.


Here is a little sketch:

Directions sketch.jpg

Directions from Åndalsnes:


- At the roundabout in Åndalsnes take the route64 towards Molde (through a short tunnel)

- Follow the road until an exit Isfjorden / Liabygda / Stadion is signposted, then turn right

- Follow the road, which curves slightly to the left, leaving the Liabygda exit and the campsite on the right!

- drive over a small bridge, after that there is a T-junction with a church on the left

- turn right there . Supermarket "Bunnpris" on the left, go straight ahead. Almost done!!!

- Grøvdal / Dalsbygda fork in the road - turn slightly right and descend into the valley!

- 2 bright (white?) Houses on the left side of the street, then about 150 m to my driveway. Exactly after the light pole

diagonally up to the left - you can't miss the large, light green house with a double garage!


It sounds a lot more complicated than it is. And if you don't find it - call me, I'll find you!


Tip : Enter Isfjorden - Grötta in the navigation system . It's past my house, but you're heading in the right direction for now. From the fork in the road Grövdal / Dalsbygda just be careful not to pass it.



Directions from Molde:


- Coming from the route 64 to the first Isfjorden exit , slightly uphill

- Then turn right and only straight ahead to the fork in Grøvdal / Dalsbygda

!! Kindergarten and school on the right hand side - there are road elevations to reduce speed. Be sure to brake if you don't want to touch down !!


Road fork in Grøvdal / Dalsbygda - turn slightly right and down into the valley!

- 2 bright (white?) Houses on the left side of the street, then about 150 m to my driveway. Exactly after the light pole

diagonally up to the left - you can't miss the large, light green house with a double garage!

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