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About me

I was born and raised in Grünhain, a small town in the beautiful Ore Mountains in eastern Germany. My parents gave me a wonderful childhood in which I lacked nothing. Oh no, we didn't own the infinite number of toys and electronics that are standard in today's children's rooms!

I had a lot more than that - things that you can't pay for with money and that only very few children are allowed today: imagination, time, true friends and the knowledge that often the small, inconspicuous things make people really happy.

"Pay attention to the little in the world,

that makes life richer and happier. "

(Carl Hilty)

It became clear early on that I am a jack-of-all-trades, because I had to be represented in every club, every association and at every event. I only left kindergarten because there was no overnight stay there, and there was probably not a single school year in which I did not unpack my bags in at least one holiday camp. My mom still often says to me today that I am not a nestling, like the rest of the family, but a fugitive :-)

"You can't discover new oceans if you don't have the courage

to lose sight of the coast. "

(André Gide)

But the best time of the year for me were the two weeks of vacation that our family spent with my godmother on the Baltic Sea. I loved the sea, the sand, the ships - and a free beach chair all to myself. At some point there will be something like that in my garden - I swear to you!

Despite a brilliant school leaving certificate and lacking all common sense, I began training as a waitress - at the time, this was the only way I was shown to be able to work on a ship, as a stewardess in the merchant marine. After just a few months of apprenticeship, I knew that I was not born to drag wobbly trays and hot bowls around. But I am still able to carry 4 plates in one arm and open a bottle of champagne without firing on the chandelier!

(There are no pictures of me as a waitress, at least not that I know of.)

" Use the talents you have!

The woods would be very quiet if only the most gifted birds were singing "

(Henry van Dyke )

Immediately after completing the hated apprenticeship my son Kai saw the light of this beautiful world - the best thing that has happened to me in my life. His father and I have always tried to raise him with humility and respect for all life, and I am grateful to be the mother of such a loving, happy and life-affirming child.

(Did I say child? My baby became the dad of 2 sugar-sweet daughter in January 2018 ... Heaven, where has the time gone ??)



In the following years I did everything possible: studying to become an accountant, training as a travel agent, member of all kinds of parents' councils and incidentally housewife, mother and animal mum of a rabbit, which was replaced by my Lhasa Apso princess Josy after its sad demise. The little kissing ball is a part of my life that shouldn't be despised and, last but not least, an extra in my book. Unfortunately, she hasn't been alive since November 2016 either.

I worked in various companies as an office assistant, technical employee and department manager. My new partner Micha stayed by my side; the number of our four-legged family members grew.

My ships were never mentioned again; I had buried my dream deep in my subconscious.

A lot has happened since then; I've come a long, rocky road


Today I live with my family in one of the most beautiful parts of Norway. In my own house, with my three-legged ex-scared dog Wolfskin.

In the meantime I have built a chic holiday apartment in the house, in which many German and increasingly international guests feel comfortable.


Son, daughter-in-law May Britt and my granddaughters Elina and Emily lives only 20 minutes away from me.

My day-to-day work has changed enormously in recent years; I had to start at the very "bottom". Today I work for Norway's largest motorhome importer and in the summer I show the cruise passengers of the ships in port my beautiful home as a guide.

And: I have fulfilled my childhood dream - to travel the seas as a tour guide on a cruise ship.

I have a real Norwegian sailor by my side - I never thought I could be so happy..


How did it all come about? It's a long story ...

" Life is good. Nobody said it was easy."

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